We all love to celebrate! At DLC food festival lets come together to celebrate festivals the foodie way!!!

In India, there is one festival or the other in a month. And most of these are dedicated to an advent of a season or some diety etc., What is important for a foodie is that these festivals have some unique recipes that one gets to make or eat only once an year during that festival. Sometimes these are traditional recipes that you saw your mom making or sometimes could be recipes that your immeditate family has a tradition to have at that particular time of the festival! Or sometimes it could be some festival one gets ‘adapted’ to celebrate  when one moves to a foreign country.

DLC food festival 1: ‘Global ganesha’

Ganesha’s birthday falls around end of august or beginning of september every year.  This year its on a Sunday (23rd August 2009). So lets get together and celebrate a ‘Global ganesha’ DLC food festival.


8. Its another yummy favorite of all of us..Yes! Rava ladoo!!! from Indrani again!


7. Indrani specialises in Bengali cuisine and has decided to tempt us all with an awesome Bengali Aam Kheer. Well..we all LOve BONG SWEETS!!


6. I couldnt resist putting my hand into the monitor and gulping the awesome looking halwa.. Here is Usha’s from Veg inspirations with her perfect banana fudge halwa


5. EC has reposted her yummy ganesha specialities kozhakattai, sundal and payasam … cheers!


4. Thumbs up to Muskaan for another  creative entry Bhuggya Khoya using ricotta…Hmmm.. Dont we all love ricotta??!?


3. Cheery Muskaan Coconut laddu.. yumm…



2. here comes rekha with her yummy undrallu, !!!cheers!!

undrallu 2

1. lift a toast for Anu for posting “Ambode recipe“!!! yay!



Why am I hosting this event?

honestly….its been close to 2 years since I am living out of India, and I am longing to celebrate Indian regional festivals… ….hmmpphh..selfish Dido 😉 ..

What to post?

Please only vegetarian entries!

sweets/savories/snacks/main dishes/desserts/cakes/cookies/icecreams etc., that have either of these

  • must look festive (or)
  • must look festive

Easy rules!!! To encourage pariticipation of people of different backgrounds……and not just to make this as a India-confined food festival…

  • u can repost from archives BUT,
  • recipes older than 2009, kindly repost them
  • multiple entries allowed



  • Post your recipe in your blog
  • link to this page
  • post the global ganesha banner given below in your blog post
  • email me your blog ID, recipe link, image of your recipe to with subject “DLC”
  • until August 15th 2009

As and when you send me the recipes, I will update them on this page!


global ganesha

What are you waiting for..??? get your festive ideas coming!




23 Responses to “DLC FOOD FESTIVAL”

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  2. Hi Dido,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to urs 🙂 Nice event! Will surely participate in this event 🙂 Do keep in touch 🙂

  3. Wow kewl festival…thanks for visiting my blog, u in germany? m in swiss, infact very close to germany, i can literally see germany from my office window 🙂 jus outside rhine 🙂 will def send you many entries..are archived post allowed?

    • wow parita, thats awesome to find a foodie from europe! and just outside rhine!…
      ya sure u can repost archives and multiple entries allowed! as I said, I am trying to get a feel of celebrating and also look forward to network with like-minded foodies… way to go Parita…!

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  6. We share the same name! First time here. You have a great space! Thanks for dropping by your blog. And that is a great theme for the event!

    • Oh ya,,, so odd to call another person by the same name… Divya is so common in India isnt? I bet you also had problems in school and college to have scores of other Divyas around LOL…. Glad you liked the post as much as you like.. And… this isnt the first time you are here.. you had been to my blogger before.. I have shifted to wordpress recently .. Cheers!

  7. Divya, Just now sent u my first entry for this event 🙂 Hope u received it. Happy hosting!

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  9. Nice to see the recipes being displayed one by one…Oops sorry dear… missed the logo!!! Now updated the post with Ganesha Logo 🙂

  10. saw that Anu! lets hope to get more goodie recipes for ganesha 😉

  11. Thanks divya for stoping by my blog!
    I loved this theme of ganesha!
    I will surely contribute to this!!

  12. Hi divya
    What a nice way to celebrate our Indian festivals together!!!!!!!I will surely send you my entry soon
    Btw thanx for visting my blog!!

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  14. Thanks Divya for stopping by our blog, and inviting to paritcipate in your special event..

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  16. You have wonderful space here.. will post ganesha special soon

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