Dido lives & Cooks in Germany. A prompt and compelling foodie, who existed appreciating  gourmets in India for 2 decades – from restaurants to dhabas to roadside food etc.,  But not long ago, for 2 years now, Dido has been experimenting  her cooking skills (?!?) and penning them down through a blog. Her better half is an awesome cook himself, which is one of the things that made Dido’s heart melt for him..sigh.., – she being a foodie. So here you are at Dido’s blog… When a foodie starts cooking… can it get any better?

Cooking is a long evolving trait in human existence. Recipe processing and plethora of permutations of ingredients mark the complexity of human intelligence. The same dish, with identical settings, cooked by two people never taste the same, coz all of us have been bestowed with a idiosyncratic glint of our hand, be it a grain of sugar more or a hint of spices less, or more sauting, less grinding and what not… So flip thru and feel satiated…! This blog goes out to u mom..


INDEX OF RECIPES: click on the recipes to view the posts


Bajji (South Indian fritters)



Spring rolls



Quick paneer stir fry




Methi thepla (Fenugreek leaves thepla bread)









Homemade sizzlers

Veggie Paneer sizzler




Mushroom Tofy Biriyani



Dal Chawal khichdi



Chinese fried rice



Venn pongal



Hariyali paneer pulav



Capsicum dum pulav



Spicy curd rice



Mushroom fried rice




Ginger garlic paste with new flavors



Coriander coconut chutney


Tangy oranges raita




Quick fix salad




Mor kuzhambu



Palak paneer version tamil 1.1



Madurai style egg curry



Stuffed mushroom gravy bake

melagu kuzhambu (pepper curry leaves gravy)

sambar (restaurant style)


kuzhi paniyaram


Baingain ka bartha



cheppa kazhangu kari (arvi or yam dry curry)



Mushroom capsicum dry “kari”




Mysore pak



Carrot halwa



Choclate ganach cake



Stuff Achu made

Stuff that my sister Akshaya made..the little devil,,,,

Tofu pizza



Stuff Andy made

Here is listing of what my better half cooks. Ya definitely a better cook than me, who is not a believer in blogging them. So here are the pictures but not the recipes since he is too lazy to blog 😉

Spinach ravioli



Hungarian stuffed capsicum stew



Italian egg plant towers



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